Dos and Don'ts of Filing a Workers Compensation Claim

Getting injured at work is not fun. Whether it's a slip and fall accident or an injury that you sustain when operating machinery, you are entitled to compensation by your employer. However, before the insurance company covers your medical bills and any other damages for the accident, you need to file a workers' compensation claim. Often, people make mistakes when filing this claim and these can cause them to miss out on what is entitled to them as compensation.

What You Need to Know About Child Support in Australia

In a nutshell, child support encompasses the financial aid a parent is legally obliged to fulfil to the other parent with the sole purpose of benefiting their child. Typically, the parent that spends less time with the child or does not have physical custody of the child will be tasked with paying this money. Child support is not limited to individuals who were married and got a divorce. Under Australian family law, parents are responsible for all the primary needs of their child, whether they were previously married or not.

Elements of a Successful Entrapment Defense

With the help of a criminal law attorney, a defendant can use entrapment as a defence against criminal charges levelled against them by the prosecution, provided that the accused can prove that he or she had no original inclination to perpetrate the crime, and only did so out of persuasion or pressurisation from law enforcement agents. Because entrapment is a confirmatory defence, the burden of proof rests with the defendant's criminal attorney to prove that entrapment actually occurred.

How Can Dementia Affect a Last Will and Testament?

If newspaper reports are to be believed, dementia and Alzheimer's disease will take on epidemic proportions across Australia in the next couple of decades. While a hunt for a cure continues, these issues can nevertheless be very distressing for affected members of the family. In addition to the heartbreak and issues associated with ongoing care, the presence of these diseases can lead to some legal complications. How can problems be caused when a loved one is nearing their final days?

Why You Should Read Terms and Conditions When Shopping Online

Technology has advanced so much that it is now hard to find someone who has never bought an item online. However, not many of those online shoppers read the detailed documents, such as the sales agreement, which they agree with before making a purchase. Clicking the "buy now" button without reading the fine print can expose you to a number of problems. This article discusses some of the problems that can result when you shop online without reading the sales documents provided.