How To Seek Compensation For A Workplace Injury

Have you suffered a workplace injury? If you have, you should seek compensation from your employer's workers compensation scheme. Below is a guide on how to successfully seek compensation for a workplace injury. 

Once you suffer a workplace injury, report the incident to your employer and seek immediate medical attention. As you recuperate, hire a workers compensation lawyer to follow up with the insurance company. Below are a few tips to guide you as you hire a compensation lawyer. 

  • Check the success rate of your lawyer. Typically, he or she should have won most if not all of his or her previous compensation suits.
  • Your lawyer must be available to work on your case. It would be disheartening to work with a lawyer who cannot dedicate sufficient time to work on your case.
  • Consider lawyers with a no-win no-fee policy. This is a guarantee that the professional will ensure maximum compensation for your case.
  • The lawyer should have a friendly personality. Remember, you will continuously communicate and work together.

Once you find an appropriate lawyer, he or she will conduct some investigations to ensure that your injury is genuine and that it occurred at the workplace. Typically, he or she will interview your colleagues and assess your hospital records. The lawyer could also need a statement from your employer. 

Your hospital receipts, doctors' reports and employment details will determine the amount of compensation that the lawyer will ask from the insurance company. For instance, other than medical costs, the lawyer could seek compensation for pain and suffering, rehabilitation and loss of wages. Your solicitor will contact the insurance company and inform them of your claim. He or she will prepare you for interviews with the insurance adjuster. Insurance adjusters are known to ask tricky questions that could significantly affect the outcome of your case. As such, your lawyer must be present during these interviews.

In most cases, the insurance company will counter your lawyer's offer with a lower amount. Do not be shocked if the counteroffer is low. An experienced compensation lawyer will use a variety of negotiation tactics to ensure the insurance company pays a reasonable amount. The lawyer will go to court if he or she thinks that the insurance company is not ready to pay up. In some cases, insurance companies will increase their offer since they do not want to damage their reputation and public perception.

Seeking compensation for workplace injuries can be a long and tedious process. However, a skilled, dedicated and experienced lawyer can significantly ease this process.