Fighting Over Child Support and Custody with your Spouse? Get a Family Lawyer

Family lawyers often get consulted when the matters at hand require legal intervention because they can no longer get resolved via simple dialogue. The work handled by family lawyers is never easy because unlike other lawyers who only deal with one individual, they have to include other family members, and quite often they include kids. Additionally, they have to be neutral with all parties involved, considering all the individuals belonging to the same family.

How "The National Domestic and Family Violence Bench Book" May Affect Your Next Case Involving Family Violence

Dealing with family violence during a divorce case or at any other time can be confusing and emotional for everyone involved. Recently, the judges of Australia began consulting a new guide "The National Domestic and Family Violence Bench Book". If you are in the midst of a case involving domestic or family violence, you may be wondering how this new guide may affect you. 1. The guide helps to create consistency.