Why Biking to Work Can Represent a Serious Risk

A growing number of Australians are seeking to get fit while they endure the commute back and forth to work. And instead of taking the car, they have invested in a bicycle. This will enable them to burn some calories and work up some enthusiasm for the day ahead and they can often avoid some of the worst congestion suffered by their car-mounted friends. However, this type of transportation does not come without its own risks and accidents do happen. If you've been involved in such an incident, where can you turn for help?

Inattentional Blindness

For some reason, drivers seem to be oblivious to two-wheeled traffic, whether it be a bicycle or a motorbike. They will often pull out in front of the bike as they simply don't see it, and this can cause considerable injury to the rider.

If you were pedalling along the road, minding your own business, when a car driver suffered this inattentional blindness, you'll be very fortunate if you don't suffer any injuries. Your bicycle will likely be damaged beyond repair and you will need to seek compensation in both situations.

Getting Those Details

At the time of the accident your mind may be elsewhere, however. You may not be thinking about compensation, but your head may be filled with a mixture of rage, fear, anxiety and pain. Nevertheless, it's important to get the details from those who witnessed the accident so that they can be impartial as they come to your support. You'll also need to get the full details of the driver, of course.

Claiming Through Insurance

Unless you're very unlucky, the driver will have their own insurance to cover liability in this case and you will be able to claim compensation.

You may need to look for money to cover loss of earnings if you need to take time away from work to recuperate, as well as the cost of medical treatment. In some cases insurance may pay for this treatment as you need it so that you're not out of pocket, but otherwise you'll need to itemise all of these details.

Don't forget to claim for any assistance that you may need to help you live your life until you get better, such as a cleaner or even somebody to drive you around. Most of all, make sure that you pursue a claim for pain and suffering, as well as damage to your bike. You may have invested quite a lot in your bike and you may have to replace it, should it be too badly damaged.

Standing Your Ground

More often than not, an insurance company will want to question or even challenge some of your claims and you need to be sure that you stand your ground. Get a personal injury lawyer to help you push everything through as soon as you can.