Facets of Family Law That You Should Know About

Unassailably, family law is one of the broadest legal practices. Thus, it is uncommon to find one lawyer focusing on all the diverse legal topics, as they will just be too much to cover. Instead, law firms will specialise in one aspect of family law, and this enables them to accrue the extensive experience that they require to provide you with the proper legal representation. Therefore, if you are looking to hire a family lawyer, it is essential that you base your search on the legal services that they provide rather than blindly hiring a lawyer with the hopes that they handle your speciality case. So what are some of the facets of family law that you should know about?

Divorce law

A typical reason why you may need the services of a family lawyer is if you are looking to end your marriage. Nonetheless, divorce law is not just about dissolving the marital union between two spouses. There are many other aspects of divorce law that your lawyer can help you with in an attempt to facilitate smooth divorce proceedings. Some of the other areas of divorce law that you may want to put in the capable hands of your lawyer include alimony payments, child support, division of marital assets and more. Additionally, since divorces can quickly become highly contentious and supercharged with emotions, it is critical to have an objective person on your side who will try to ensure that your best interests are met.

Elder law

Although not one of the commonly known aspects of family law, elder law is just as crucial. As Australia's elderly population keeps growing, there has been an increase in the demand for legal services that are specially tailored to ensure that senior citizens are not having their rights and freedoms being infringed upon. One of the common reasons why people will seek out elder law services is to initiate estate planning in the form of creation of a will as well as the appointment of an executor.

These services are critical in the event your elderly loved one's health is declining, and they may soon lose their decision-making capabilities. Another reason why you may want to seek out elder law services is when disputes arise when trying to make a familial decision on the accommodation for your elderly loved one, which could be at a nursing home, a retirement home or even at-home care. Overall, elder law strives to make sure that the quality of life of senior citizens is not compromised.