3 Communication Tactics During A Divorce To Remain Amicable With Your Ex

Going through a divorce is incredibly hard on most couples and their families. While many couples learn to deal with the situation amicably over time, the divorce itself can get extremely messy when you're trying to make sense of the situation. Follow these communication tactics to remain amicable with your ex.

Keep Direct Communication Minimal If Possible

Going through a divorce can really take its emotional toll on you and your ex, which means that you both could end up saying things you regret in the future, especially if you share children. At the time of your divorce, your best option is to avoid too much direct communication with your ex so that you both can remain on relatively amicable terms, irrespective of the situation. Get your lawyer to discuss any particular requirements with your partner's lawyer to ensure that you'll don't end up fighting or hurling abuses at each other during an emotionally charged moment. Communicating through your lawyers is perhaps a better way to ensure that you both get what you want without the need to interact too often during the divorce proceedings.

Stay On Course With Specific Discussion Topics

Estranged couples find it easy to lose focus, especially when it comes to blaming each other for the things that went wrong in the relationship. If you're in a situation where you're forced to communicate directly with your partner, try to steer the conversation to the issue itself without deviating from the discussion topic. For example, if you need to discuss dropping the kids off to school or picking them up from day care, stick to this topic without discussing why your partner cheated on you or why you decided to leave him or her in the first place.

Think Of What You Want To Say Before Any Conversation

When you come into contact with your partner, your anger and other emotions can come to the forefront and can end up becoming nasty. Remember that you have a lot at stake, especially if you share children. Before you get into a situation where you come face-to-face with your ex, think of ways to best handle the conversation so that it doesn't steer out of control. If you think that you cannot handle the situation, bring an impartial person along or send a representative instead. Avoid instant responses that you will come to regret in the future.

Remaining amicable is one of the hardest things for divorced couples to do, but it isn't impossible. Follow these communication tactics for the best results!